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The Tummy Tuck Procedure

Tummy Tuck Denver Real SelfDr. Murphy is a highly experienced tummy tuck surgeon. There is likely no group of patients happier with their cosmetic surgery result than those who have had an abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck. The majority of patients undergoing a tummy tuck are truly thrilled with the improvement in their body contour.

Pregnancy and Weight Fluctuations

Most patients coming in for abdominoplasty want to regain the look they had before pregnancies wreaked havoc on their midriff. Others may have had significant fluctuations in their weight. When assessing the abdomen for abdominoplasty surgery you need to look at all three layers; skin, fat and muscle. All three are typically affected by pregnancy and weight fluctuations and all three are addressed with an abdominoplasty. Although weight control and exercise can affect the fat layer, stretched skin or muscles cannot return to where they used to be without surgery.

Achieving Your Goals

Most patients Dr. Murphy sees for abdominoplasty have worked hard to get their figure back but have come to realize the they have reached a wall with regard to improvement, and surgery can help them to achieve their goals. Abdominoplasties are frequently performed in conjunction with other procedures, including liposuction of the hips and flanks, or even a breast lift or augmentation (solving another problem frequently associated with pregnancy).

Achieving A Natural Look with a Tummy Tuck

Not all tummy-tucks, however, are the same. Look at the female abdomen. Then, take a look at the cover of the fitness magazines. The abdomen is not simply a flat surface with a belly button in the middle. There are subtle undulations and areas of outline. The key to an outstanding abdominoplasty is a thorough understanding of these subtleties and how to achieve them.

Attention to Detail

Through thorough study of the appearance and anatomy of the female abdominal wall, and extensive experience with body sculpting, Dr. Murphy has refined his abdominoplasty technique to restore these subtleties of definition to his patients. The appearance of the umbilicus (belly button) is crucial. While other scars from the abdominoplasty procedure are easily hidden, the umbilicus is frequently in plain view. Dr. Murphy has developed a near scarless technique for creation of the new umbilicus that is unexcelled in its ability to create a beautiful natural look. Attention to every detail pays off. Once again, Dr. Murphy incorporates a careful blend of art and science to help him to achieve outstanding results.

The Procedure

The abdominoplasty procedure is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under general or epidural anesthesia. If patients prefer to spend the night after the tummy tuck surgery, they are easily transferred to Swedish Hospital for a stay in a private room. The abdominoplasty operation involves a transverse incision across the lower abdomen, the length of which depends on how much skin needs to be removed. There is usually a small incision around the belly button. This is basically imperceptible. Tummy tuck cost can vary based on the patient’s body and needs, come in for a tummy tuck consultation to learn more about the procedure¬†and the price of a tummy tuck.


Dr. Murphy does everything he can to control discomfort, including placement of a pain pump which infuses long-acting local anesthetic into the area of surgery over the first few days. A surgical garment is used to support the abdominal wall and decrease swelling for a month or so. This gets patients up and around in the first few days and back to most normal activity within 10 days. More vigorous activities and heavier lifting need to be postponed for six weeks or so after surgery.

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