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Regain Your Figure With A Mommy Makeover!

The Mommy makeover procedure has quickly gained in popularity in the Denver, Colorado area. Time and time again Dr. Murphy will see women coming in with two major areas of concern: after having children or significant weight loss many women are left with loose abdominal skin and loss of breast volume. They’ve had their children, gotten down to a normal weight and just want their bodies back. The mommy makeover procedure is the ideal solution for Denver women who want to address these areas of concern. Call 888-591-6885 now to schedule your consultation!

Mommy Makeover Surgeries – What’s Involved

Mommy Makeover Denver Top DoctorThe Denver Mommy Makeover offered by Murphy Plastic Surgery in Colorado includes a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. A tummy tuck after pregnancy is the best way to address loose skin. In addition to removing the skin and a significant amount of stretch marks, during the abdominoplasty component of the mommy makeover, Dr. Murphy will tighten the abdominal muscles which are often weakened after pregnancy. The breast augmentation is included as well. This makes a great choice for women who are concerned about the size of their breasts after pregnancy and breast feeding. Implants restore the fullness and perkiness women enjoyed prior to having children. Breast implants have had many changes over the past few decades, with different sizes and shapes and choices between saline and silicone every woman can find her perfect fit. With both saline and silicone implants being FDA approved you can be assured whatever choice you make it will be a safe one.

After years of seeing women with these two problem areas and recommending tummy tucks and breast augmentations together the term Mommy make-over has evolved and now Dr. Murphy’s pricing has evolved with it, by combining the two procedures the patient can save on the costs. To discuss mommy makeover costs, please contact us to schedule a private consultation.

When considering what to expect from the mommy makeover, Dr. Murphy wants to highlight that combining these two surgeries in an excellent choice, your downtime is minimized and in general you can expect 10 days to two weeks for the mommy makeover recovery. During your consultation, Dr. Murphy will personally discuss with you any questions you may have on the procedure.

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