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Options In Buttock Enhancements: Brazilian Butt Lifts and Autoaugmentation

Buttock augmentation or enhancement is a procedure that Dr. Murphy is asked about frequently. As mainstream media has begun to place as much emphasis on the beauty of the buttock as on the breasts, buttock augmentation or butt lift surgery is an increasingly popular choice for many of our patients. We offer many different options in buttock surgery and buttock augmentation, including Brazilian buttock surgery, which involves fat transfer to the buttocks from other areas of the body. Depending upon the patient’s individual needs, we will do an assessment to determine which surgery options are best for the buttock augmentation and enhancement the patient desires. Dr. Murphy works closely with patients to help guide them in their options for any plastic surgery procedure.

When a patient requests buttock augmentation, we perform an assessment which begins with a close observation of the anatomy of the patient’s trunk, buttock and upper thigh areas to see how these areas interact and blend to establish the contour of the buttock. The goal with any buttock surgery is to create a beautiful, natural shape for the patient. After the assessment, we discuss the options available based on the build of the patient. Most of the patients we see have good skin quality with lack of fullness and they do well with soft tissue enhancement and fat grafting alone known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. There is also the group of patients who have developed laxity of tissue, and this group typically does best with a combination of lifting and adding of tissue described as an Autoaugmentation.

Brazilian Butt Lift

topdoc-brazilian-butt-liftThe most common procedure we perform for buttock enhancement is commonly known as the Brazilian Buttock Lift or Brazilian Butt Lift. The lifting is accomplished by adding volume to the buttocks by transferring healthy fat into the area. A Brazilian butt lift is often favored for its results of a youthful, perky buttock.

A Brazilian butt lift has two parts. First, the buttock is contoured with liposuction along the periphery of the buttock to create a leaner silhouette around the buttock. Many times the areas that receive liposuction include the thighs and back above the buttock, and occasionally the stomach. Secondly, the fat is purified and injected in the central buttock to achieve a natural and youthful shape.

These fat grafting techniques offer multiple benefits to the appropriate patient. They are safe and predictable and avoid the issues potentially raised with placement of an implant into the area. These injections are long lasting and result in a beautiful, sensual silhouette. Many patients choose the Brazilian butt lift because in addition to receiving a perkier buttock, they also are leaner in the areas that were liposuctioned, drawing attention to your buttock augmentation.

Buttock Autoaugmentation

Over time many people develop laxity in the buttock area along with loss of volume. These patients benefit from a procedure which lifts and tightens the lax tissues in the area. Instead of just removing the excess tissue along the upper buttock area Dr. Murphy uses a technique where this excess tissue is rotated deep to the skin into the central buttock area. This is known as an Autoaugmentation Butt Lift and is remarkably effective at tightening and rounding out the buttock area. Autoaugmentation Butt Lift is also a very effective procedure for weight loss patients which comprise a moderate segment of Dr. Murphy’s practice. These patients require this kind of advanced body contouring technique which helps Dr. Murphy to be a leader in the Denver area in buttock contouring procedures.

Buttock Enhancement Recovery

Buttock contouring procedures are typically done under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Recovery depends on which procedure is performed. Patients undergoing fat transfer augmentation are typically back to most lighter activities within days and vigorous exercise within a couple weeks. Autoaugmentation patients require a little more time to return to daily activities and may take up to a month to return to vigorous exercise to allow the area to heal with the appropriate contour

If you are looking for a rounder, fuller buttock area Dr. Murphy brings a vast experience in advanced body contouring techniques to the patient. He has performed thousands of body contouring and liposuction procedures over the last 20 years including the Autoaugmentation Butt Lift and the Brazilian Butt Lift. For more information on buttock augmentation surgery, please contact our office. We are happy to discuss buttock augmentation cost and other factors with you, and would love to set up an initial consultation to discuss which options are right for you.

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