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Breast Lift – A Natural Alternative For A More Youthful Appearance

Breast lifts are a frequent request from patients desiring to change their shape as well as the size of their breasts. However, many patients will opt for simply a breast lift if they are pleased with the overall size of their breasts. Through an in-depth breast augmentation or breast lift consultation each patient has the opportunity to communicate to Dr. Murphy, one of Denver’s most respected cosmetic surgeons their expected result and the size and shape they seek. Dr. Murphy’s extensive experience in aesthetic breast surgery should reassure all patients that whatever their desires, he has the technical expertise and artistic vision to give them as beautiful breasts as possible.

It is not uncommon that over time the skin and tissue of the breast develop some laxity and degree of “drooping” or “sagging”. This may simply occur as the breast matures but more commonly is related to major fluctuations in weight, or changes in the breast related to pregnancy. The shape of the breast and location of the nipple give us very definite landmarks to help determine if a breast lift or mastopexy is necessary. If your nipple seems to lie lower than the fold beneath your breast as you stand up, a lift may be necessary.

Breast Lift Considerations

Some patients are pleased overall with the size of their breasts but wish a change in shape. For them a breast lift or mastopexy may be adequate. You must, however, be sure of what a breast lift will or will not do for you. Although it will reposition the nipple and tighten up the lower pole of the breast, it will not typically give a lot of upper pole fullness. Therefore, a majority of patients will undergo a breast augmentation at the same time as a breast lift/mastopexy to improve the fullness of the cleavage as well as the upper pole. Many of these patients will have lost volume over time and simply want to re-establish their natural size and shape.

The Procedure

All breast lift or mastopexy procedures require an incision around the nipple and generally down the middle of the breast (lollipop). Some patients require an incision along the fold beneath the breast as well, depending on the shape of their breasts and amount of excess skin. Adding a breast implant at the time of the lift generally enables Dr. Murphy to decrease the length of the incisions. Dr Murphy has an expertise in short scar techniques for breast lift/mastopexy and reduction procedures.


The breast lift or mastopexy procedure is typically performed under sedation with local anesthesia and after about an hour in recovery patients are discharged to home. If a breast augmentation is performed at the same time the recovery is basically the same as a breast augmentation. Recovery is a little quicker with a breast lift/mastopexy alone, and most patients are back to full daily activities within two or three days and full exercising by seven to ten days.

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