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Breast Augmentation with Natural Results

Dr. Murphy is one of the most experienced breast augmentation surgeons in Denver and has performed thousands of breast augmentations, breast lifts, and breast implants in Murphy Plastic Surgery’s private surgical suite. Patients vary from working moms, fitness competitors, breast cancer survivors to just about every one in-between. Conveniently located in Denver, Colorado, it is easy to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Murphy to learn about the types of breast implants and available sizes, as well as the many options in breast augmentation Denver residents have available. During your consultation, you can also discuss the typical cost in Colorado. With so many options available, Dr. Murphy can customize the breast augmentation procedure to each individual patient, resulting in breasts that look and feel natural and just how you’ve always wanted them to.

Breast Augmentation Gallery

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Many of our Denver breast augmentation patients have graciously consented to before and after pictures being posted. You can view these before and after breast augmentation photos here. Through Dr. Murphy’s commitment to excellence in his work, he has become one of the most respected cosmetic breast surgeons in Colorado.

The Gummy Bear Implant

The gummy bear implant offers a natural teardrop shape and allows the Doctor to customize the implant choice to your anatomy. These gel implants are another addition to the realm of implants from which Dr. Murphy can choose to help his patients get the most natural looking and best results possible from breast augmentation. The Allergan highly cohesive Silicone-gel implants are approved for their safety and effectiveness by the Food and Drug Administration. Of particular interest for our patients is that Dr. Murphy has been deeply involved in the process as the FDA has approved the Allergan 410 style “gummy bear” implants and was one of a select few doctors from the Denver area that were brought in for input on the studies using the 410 implant. We are especially proud because Dr. Murphy was the only primary investigator in the state of Colorado that was on the original study that got the approval and has received special recognition for that role!

Contact us today and learn more about this latest development in silicone-gel breast augmentation and the benefits they offer.

What breast size or shape is right for you?

For women who are dissatisfied with the size or, in some cases, the shape of their breasts, breast enhancement surgery is an appropriate surgical choice for them. A natural shape that matches their body habitus is typically the goal of these patients. Their breasts may have never achieved the size they desire or, as is very common, their breast size and shape may have changed over time, possibly related to pregnancy, gravity or weight fluctuations. Despite the reason for a patient requesting the procedure, the results of breast augmentation are some of the most predictable that we can attain.

Silicon, gel, lifts, implants, which is right for you?

Never have there been more implant options available to the breast implant patient. The reintroduction of silicone gel-filled breast implants to accompany the popularity of saline filled breast implants has brought to us a truly dizzying array of choices for each breast enlargement patient. The key to achieving the best result possible is the ability to fit the exactly appropriate breast implant to each patient. Dr. Murphy uses his extensive experience with all of the available shapes, sizes and fillers to bring his patients the outstanding result they seek. Breast augmentation is the most common procedure that Dr. Murphy performs, having helped literally thousands of women feel more confident and happy with their breast shape and body image.

Important decisions about your breast augmentation.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Murphy will emphasize the importance of decisions made prior to breast enhancement surgery, such as the best incision to be used and whether to place the breast implant beneath the muscle of the chest wall as well as the breast tissue. The most important decisions are related to the choice of the breast implant itself. The first decision, and that which most determines the naturalness of the ultimate look, continues to be the size and proportion of the breast implant. The use of breast implant sizers as well as chest and breast measurements help identify the appropriate profile and volume of the breast implant. The availability of silicone breast implants helps many patients achieve the most natural feel with the least likelihood of breast implant rippling or visibility.

Private cosmetic surgical suite.

Breast augmentation is performed in Dr. Murphy’s private surgical suite in Englewood, Colorado. The breast augmentation surgery takes approximately an hour and fifteen minutes and patients go home following surgery. Most breast augmentation patients resume normal activities within three or four days although more strenuous activities may need to wait four to six weeks.

More information

For more information on breast augmentation surgery at Murphy Plastic Surgery, we encourage you to visit our FAQ page. We also suggest you read some of our articles, especially Keys to a Successful Breast AugmentationWhat Is The Best Incision For Breast Implants?Size & Proportion: Breast Augmentation. We are also excited to announce the Murphy Plastic Surgery now offers Allergan’s NATRELLE INSPIRA™ Round Gel-Filled Breast Implants.

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