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More Face Procedures

In addition to performing facelifts, mini-facelifts and skin resurfacing, Murphy Plastic Surgery offers a wide array of facial cosmetic procedures to help get the look you want. Murphy Plastic Surgery is also equipped with state of the art digital imaging software to help plan you facial cosmetic surgery, for more information from Dr. Murphy on this software, read his article featured by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons: Using Digital Imaging to Help Plan Facial Cosmetic Surgery. Other procedures performed in our private surgical suite in Colorado include:

Blepharoplasty (or Eyelid Lift)

Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelift surgery or an eyelid lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure to improve the look of your upper or lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty is effective at improving appearance and can help correct functional problems with your eyelids. A blepharoplasty or eyelid lift is an extremely effective way to brighten your appearance. When people are looking at you, they are looking at your eyes. It is the first thing they see. Do they say you look tired? Don’t you hate that! Smoothing those puffy lower lids or taking away droopy upper eyelid skin can make you look and feel years younger. Removing that excess upper lid skin may even improve your vision.

Brow Lift

Gravity and activity of the facial muscles take their effect on the upper facial structures, including the brow and upper eyelid areas. A lowering of the brow over time may lead to some hooding of the lateral upper lid, with deepening of the crows feet. Brow lift surgery can counter the effects of the muscles of facial expression and thus brighten the appearance of your upper eyelids and soften the contours of your brow. Brow lifts can greatly rejuvenate the eye area and make you look less tired. These lifts are very effective at improving your appearance. Brow lifts can let your eyes shine through. The eyes are the focal contact of your face; you don’t need that heavy brow obscuring their beauty. With a brow lift, those hooded upper lids are lifted and your eyes will be opened up. People will finally see that upper lid make-up you have been so carefully applying! Wrinkles on your forehead are relieved and crows feet are smoothed. Not just your eyes but your whole facial expression is brightened.

Ear Refinement

Surgery for prominent or outstanding ears can be very rewarding for both the patient and the physician. Typically these patients are younger and are brought to the surgeon by their parents. Careful discussion with the patient and the parents is crucial to developing a degree of comfort for the patient and expectations of what the surgery can bring. Many of these younger patients have suffered ridicule by their friends and are eager to see an improvement.

 Facial Implants

While assessing the patient requesting facial rejuvenation it frequently becomes evident that the patient’s facial boney structure may be deficient in areas. This is frequently evident in the chin and jaw area. Should this be the case the use of facial implants is discussed. Careful assessment of the facial structures is crucial to making the correct decision as to the implant to be used. Cheek bones may be made fuller or hollow areas beneath the cheek bones may be filled out. Each of these areas need the appropriate implant to be selected carefully.

Chin Implants

Most frequently the patient may be unhappy with the projection of the chin. Once malposition of the lower jaw has been ruled out judicious placement of the appropriate chin implant can very nicely improve the contour of the lower face and bring the entire face into harmony. Extended chin implants can bring definition further along the jaw and strengthen and refine the jawline I as well as the chin area if needed.

Lip Implants

Many patients seek rounder fuller lips and although injectable fillers are regularly used to achieve this goal, lip implants have become a very popular choice due to their safety profile and permanence. The implants which we use come in different lengths and widths to be sure we are able to do our best to meet each patients’ needs. They are inserted into the lip through a small incision where the upper and lower lips meet, typically under local anesthesia. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes and patients typically get a small amount of bruising and swelling that resolves within a few days.

Lip Refinement

Full lips can bring a youthful appearance to the lower facial area. It is typical that over the years collagen and fat in the lip area will decrease giving an aged, possibly wrinkled, look to the area. Alternatively, many patients are simply unhappy with the shape or size of their lips. They may be generally too small or wrinkled or the upper lip may be too long, covering the entire upper dentition. Patients may be unhappy with their lips turning down at the corners making them look mad or sad. Less commonly, patients may feel that their lips are too large or full and want to have them reduced. Whatever the issue the patient may have with her perioral area, careful assessment and discussion can lead us to the appropriate choice for rejuvenation of this area. Injectables continue to be the mainstay for rejuvenation of this area.

Neck Lift

Over the years many patients become unhappy with laxity of neck structures or fullness in the neck area. There are various procedures designed to re-contour the neck. Improvement in the contour can be achieved through typically removing excess fat, tightening the deep structures, especially the platysma muscles, and tightening and removing excess skin. This is accomplished through a variety of incisions and surgical approaches. These various techniques are typically combined as needed to address the specific issues of the patient.


Nasal surgery or rhinoplasty continues to be one of the most frequently sought facial enhancement procedures. Patients frequently complain that the size or shape of their nose is out of harmony with the remainder of their facial appearance, or perhaps their nose dominates their face. It may be a familial characteristic. They may have had a previous injury, which has contributed to their dissatisfaction. Dr Murphy has extensive experience in performing rhinoplasty and has many satisfied patients. View the rhinoplasty before and after gallery to see Dr. Murphy’s patient results.