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Fight The Sun

Skin resurfacing procedures are designed to reverse the effects of the sun’s rays, smoothing the appearance of the skin, returning to it the radiance of youth. The degree of improvement is related to the depth of the resurfacing treatment. The deeper the resurfacing treatment, the more significant the improvement the patient will experience and the longer will be the recovery.

Erbium Laser

Our state of the art Erbium laser is able to offer the patient the benefit of a deeper laser treatment while minimizing the recovery. It also helps to avoid the permanent pigmentary changes previously seen with laser treatments while delivering superior results. We can actually dial in the depth of laser treatment to the micron. Some patients choose a series of microlaser peels, each with minimal recovery and minimal down time but requiring a number of visits. Other patients prefer to have a deeper single peel with a more intense recovery and a longer down time, but requiring only a single procedure. We can meet your goals while catering to your lifestyle. During a consultation with Dr. Murphy your skin will be assessed and a laser resurfacing treatment plan will be customized for you.

Recovery Time

As mentioned above, the time required for recovery depends on the depth of treatment. A microlaser peel will take a couple of days for the redness to resolve, whereas a full laser resurfacing will take a week to heal, with a few more weeks for any redness to dissipate. Microlaser peels are well tolerated by the patient with only topical anesthetic. Deeper laser peels are performed personally by Dr. Murphy and generally require local anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Minimal makeup easily conceals any skin redness during this phase of healing. Our staff is eager to advise you regarding concealing the glow of the skin during this phase and we carry an excellent powder based makeup which can conceal the redness.

Additional Therapies

Although the microlaser peel has become the workhorse of our skincare experts, we continue to treat patients with even more gentle therapies such as microdermabrasion and lighter skin peels, including glycolic or Retin-A based applications. Our VI peel is very effective at exfoliating superficial layers of the skin improving pigmentary abnormalities and brightening the skin in general. Fine lines are decreased and blemishes are resolved. Resurfacing procedures are generally combined with home skincare regimens to optimize the result and speed recovery. Although the majority of these treatments are performed by Dr. Murphy’s highly trained and experienced staff, a complimentary consultation with Dr. Murphy is encouraged to make a comprehensive treatment plan

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