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Safe, Non Surgical Fat Removal

Dr. Murphy is excited to be one of the first physicians in Colorado to offer patients non-surgical fat removal via the revolutionary Coolsculpting technique by Zeltiq. Coolsculpting is an FDA approved procedure, invented by Harvard physicians, which permanently removes fat cells via cryolipolysis (cryo =cooling/freezing, lipolysis = fat cell destruction). Coolsculpting involves safe careful freezing of your fat cells with no damage to the overlying skin and tissues. Once frozen the fat cells slowly resorb over the next few weeks. Each treatment takes about an hour in Dr. Murphy’s office and you can expect about 20-25 percent permanent reduction of fat in the areas treated. No needles; no incisions or surgery; no anesthesia; no recovery.


CoolSculpting_Denver_Logo2-300x107The ideal Coolsculpting patient is a good weight for his or her height with exercise resistant collections of fat. Many areas can be treated with the Coolsculpting technique including the upper and lower abdomen, love handles/hips, back/bra area, breast tissue, inner thighs and under arm areas. New to Murphy Plastic Surgery is the ability to use Coolsculpting in the chin area to treat a “double chin.” Up to four treatments can be performed any day.

During the procedure your tissue is displaced into a cup between two cooling plates. There is a sensation of pulling and tugging followed by cooling of the tissues which numbs the area during the procedure. There is minimal or no pain during the tissue cooling.

There are virtually no restrictions after the treatment. Regularly activity may be resumed immediately. Over the next several days there may be some minor swelling, crampiness and soreness. The fat cells which have crystallized during the Coolsculpting treatment die in a natural way and dissolve. The removal of the fat cells is permanent in the treated areas. Areas can be re-treated after 4-6 weeks with once again removal of 20-25% percent of the fat.

There are few patients who cannot have Coolsculpting performed. Contact our office for a consultation with Dr. Murphy to learn how Coolsculpting may be appropriate for you.

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